welcome to grad school and some feta

Fall semester starts on Monday!  To welcome in the new first year AuD students, our class got together with the new girls for dinner at Andrea’s apartment and then we all went out together.

Of course I insisted on pictures.

Andrea, Jaime, Bailey, Bre, and me

The photographer was the 10 second timer + Andrea’s grill + 5 Harry Potter books for the perfect height.
This is what happens when I ask my friends to “move back, move back, move up a little.. no, move back” to figure out where we should stand.

My class: Andrea, Bre, me (Lauren wasn’t able to make it)

Whenever we get together for dinner we usually make a recipe from someone’s pinterest board, so Andrea made us Feta Basil Turkey Burgers (when you click on the link, it launches into a video on how to make them, so heads up), and they were so good.  I also want to let everyone know that Andrea was our grillmaster, and she did a great job.  She pinned the recipe last week and I immediately repinned it because I love feta.


Now let’s talk about running.

Thursday: I fit in a workout right before I went to Andrea’s: 15 min arms with weights, 6 miles with 10 lunges + 15 squats between each mile.  Power for this run came out of nowhere, and my miles were much faster and felt much better than I expected them to be.

Friday: Rest day. I was out late on Thursday and basically had no Friday plans, so I maxed out the rest day.  Seriously though, my step count is probably < 100 steps for the day.  But I’ve been enjoying it with Friends (not my friends, but the show Friends).

And now I’m realizing that I’ve literally done nothing today, so I am going to go clean my apartment.

Happy weekend!

Favorite kind of hamburger/turkeyburger/veggieburger recipe?
Do you have the words memorized to the Friends themesong?


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