Visit from Ryan and his PB Trail Mix!

Guess who came to visit for the weekend!

Ryan did!  It was great to see him.  We talked a lot, exercised a lot, and ate a lot…just like old times!  Ryan arrived with goodies:

He is a perfect snack-picker-outer.  Did anybody know that PEANUT BUTTER TRAIL MIX EXISTED?  Pretzels, peanuts, Reece Pieces, and peanut butter chips.  A mix straight from my own heart.

But first let’s back up to early Saturday morning.  I met up with the running group at 5:50am to run 10 miles.  Now before you think that sounds like a big deal, let me just tell you that my group was the third leg.  Group 1 started at 4:00am (22 miles), Group 2 started at 4:20am (20) miles, and my group joined in at 5:50am for the last 10.  Those early birds are incredible..they kept an 8:20ish pace for the last 10 miles of a 20+ mile training run!  I tagged on 3.5 extra miles, making my Saturday morning 13.5 total.

After the run, I cleaned my apartment and made lunch for Ryan’s lunchtime arrival.
The recipe: Almost Lasagna

Same ingredients as lasagna (elbow noodles instead) but everything was mixed together, so it was easier to make and harder to screw up.  Good thing it was good because Ryan and I ate it all weekend!

After lunch we met up with our church Life Group to clean the church, and then we hung out all day.  We discovered miles of walking trails and covered probably five miles.IMAG0433IMAG0434
Artsy phone pics.

We played Mastermind with the PB trail mix…Ryan thought that one up, and it was fun!  IMAG0443

Sunday was a double workout day for Ryan and me.  We fit in a 45 minute run + strength circuit (strength=lunges, squats, push ups, tri dips) before church and a pool run after church.  Today’s workout was 5 min warm up, 4 x (5 x 1:30 hard, :30 easy), and my quads are so shot.  I think that pool running tires out my legs more than any other exercise.

Ryan’s already on his way back from the quick weekend, and he left me to finish the bag of PB Trail Mix alone.  Challenge accepted.

Happy Sunday!

Confession: Currently watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it’s on tv and I think it’s a hilarious movie.  I promise I was babysitting the first time I saw it.

Best form of pretzel? (Crisp, stick, rod, soft pretzel…)
What’s the earliest you’ve ever gotten up for a run?  For a race?


3 thoughts on “Visit from Ryan and his PB Trail Mix!

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