And more trail mix

Restday Tuesday!

Tuesdays are my earliest/busiest days, so they will probably be rest days for the majority of the semester.  Plus my quads were a little sore from yesterday’s speedwork.

Even though I didn’t run today, I feel like I was on the go from 8a to 5p–clinic prep, clinic, clinic talk, files, class, programming hearing aids, and reports.

And then I came home to the most glorious surprise ever:


A PACKAGE from my dear friend Sarah!  It was a “happy half birthday” present!  She rocks!


I lived with Sarah for 3 years in undergrad, and she knows me very well.  I mean, trail mix, more trail mix, flavored almonds, fruit snacks, ear plugs, a tie-dye spatula, and a cute bin…nail on the head.  We have a mutual love for trail mix, and I am extra thankful for the spatula because I didn’t have one.  Thanks Sarah!

I already opened the large container of trail mix, which is a problem because I still have an open bag of PB Trail Mix (aka Angel Food), and trail mix is my most addicting food in the entire world: note this post, this post

I also cut a giant watermelon and went on a walk with Bre and Chunk, which was much better than reading the textbook that I almost opened.


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