a nice stranger and some running

A stranger did the nicest thing for me today!

I had a 5:30pm meeting today across campus in a building I’d never been to before, and I allotted myself 15 minutes to get there because I was leaving a different meeting.

[A reminder that I am severely directionally challenged and will get lost anywhere with more than 2 turns.]

So I figured out how to get to the new building with the fewest turns possible, power-walked  in anticipation of getting lost, and then of course got lost.  It was 5:25pm.  I greeted a woman leaving the nearest building–she was obviously on her way home–but she kindly led me inside to her office (unlocked every door on our way there because her building was closed up), figured out where I had to go, and pointed me there!  It was incredibly selfless because I’m sure she was ready to go home.  I was only 10 minutes late, but the meeting started 15 minutes late (?), so basically I was early.

At this meeting, I learned about potentially hazardous foods.  Did you know that sliced melons, pasta, and rice are really dangerous if they’re not kept at the right temperature for an amount of time, like at a picnic?

Speaking of nice things, remember the giant tub of trail mix that Sarah sent me in the mail on Tuesday?

Check out the progress:

But I didn’t do it all myself.  I brought the container to Life Group last night and announced, “Please eat as much of this trail mix as you can.”  And they did.  (It double counted as a peace-offering to make up for forgetting to read the material we discussed last night.)  As much as I love trail mix (a lot), I don’t like to have it around because it’s really hard to eat in any sort of moderation.  My options are: Eat it all, share it, or hide it–I had to hide the PB trail mix behind a giant bag of Craisins.

Now on to running…

Wednesday: Tempo.  7 miles with 3 mi @ 7:30 pace, followed by a quick ab routine & glute routine (lateral leg lifts, clam shells, reverse planks).  The tempo was okay, but it felt harder than I thought it would, and my quads were still a little sore from speed on Monday.

Thursday: 8 miles easy: 9:21, 8:37, 8:53, 8:03, 8:08, 8:19, 8:18.  I like to run with a route in mind but I didn’t today, so it was kind of weird.  I found a rugged trail and stayed on it for about a mile, but I stopped my Garmin because my pace was over 14 minutes (it was really rugged).  Finished the workout with 4 x 10 lunges & squats and 3 x 1:00 front plank, reverse plank, side planks)

Do you ask for directions when you’re lost?


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