Happy Friday! and a candy apple

Yes I know it’s August, so I ate some watermelon after this little guy.


I think this is my first ever candy apple!  I love caramel apples, so I bought its candy cousin as a present to myself because they were on sale at Kroger.
Question: Is the candy coating supposed to be hard?  The package said “sweet and crunchy” and the caramel package that said “sweet and chewy,” but the candy on my candy apple was just as chewy as caramel.  Either way, I’m a big fan of apples, peanuts, and candy, so I enjoyed it and its chewiness.

And that was the most exciting part of my day.

I skipped a morning run because I had an early start to the morning with OSHA clinic, but I packed workout clothes and stopped at the rec center on the way home.  The rec center was absolutely packed.  Who invited all of these students back to campus?  I did a short arm workout, a shorter ab workout, and then went looking for an AMT, but every single AMT with blue pedals was taken.  I shouldn’t be so picky, but the yellow-pedaled AMTs have a shorter stride length than the blue-pedaled machines, so I prefer using the blue ones because I feel like I get a better workout (I think the blue ones are the newer version).

I’m sure I could have gotten a good workout on any cardio machine in the building, but instead I opted to go for a short run outside in the 500 degree (maybe 85 degree) weather.  I’m spoiled by being able to run first thing in the morning when it’s relatively cool, so afternoon/early evening running sounds like a scary furnace.  Dozens of runners were out there and not suffering heat stroke, so I figured I would be okay.  It’s cool how motivating it can be to see other runners.

After tomorrow morning’s long run, I’ll evaluate whether it was a good idea or a bad idea to run the evening before…

P.S. Pandora gets an A+ for the night.  My Ingrid Michaelson station has been a nice mix of her and Sara Bareilles, and Anna Kendrick’s When I’m Gone just popped on!

Do you like caramel and/or candy apples?
Favorite musical?



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