Why am I watching Glee again?

This weekend was a little uneventful from my end.  But I caught up with a few friends/family over the phone, ran, ate meals at strange times, and watched five episodes of Glee.  I hadn’t really watched Glee since freshman year of college–my friends and I watched season 1 together, but then we fizzled out when the show turned weird.

Something possessed me to watch an episode of Season 4 on Saturday, and then I got hooked because I love musicals.  I’m not totally up with the drama, but Season 5 starts on Thursday and I bet I’ll end up watching it…and every week.

I was also mildly domestic this weekend.  I made a dessert for our peds class tomorrow (the class that we take turns bringing treats to): Sweet ‘n Salty Peanut Bars


And a close up of the layers.  Cookie, caramel, peanuts:

It took me a while to find a dessert recipe to make–My requirements: No mixer needed, no refrigeration needed on the final product, and something that I was not likely to ruin (bars are harder to ruin than cookies).

Bre taste tested these and gave me the go-ahead to bring them to class, so hopefully we get through the whole pan tomorrow because Ryan isn’t here to eat the leftovers.

Since the oven was already on, I put in a batch of vegetables (eggplant, carrots, & cherry tomatoes) for experimentation after the cookie thing was finished.  The roasted veggies tasted much better than raw veggies, but they looked a little ugly because the eggplant super stuck to the cookie sheet, so here is the before picture instead of the after picture:


Weekend running recap:

Saturday: 10 miles with the group.  We started at 8:30ish pace but sped up and maintained an 8 minute pace for the majority of the run.  I felt really strong, and the weather was beautifully cool.

Then 3 sets of:
20 staggered push ups <–I like these!
15 hamstring curls on ball
1:00 front plank
15 bodyweight squats
20 v-ups

Sunday: 5 miles with this set between each mile:
20 walking lunges
20 staggered push ups
20 squats
20 tri dips


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