Just some running

Whoa quick catch up on this week’s running before I dive into one of twenty-five articles assigned on Monday and Tuesday.  If my running recaps aren’t very run to read (in other words, if you’re not my dad), sorry for the boring post.

Monday: Intervals.  2 mi warm up, 6 x 100m sprint, 4 x 1200m, 2 mi cool down

I was shooting for around 5min per 1200m, but I clocked in at 5:06, 5:08, 5:07, 5:07.  I was happy that the repeats were consistent with each other because usually I get slower.  My legs felt good but my butt was sore toward the end like it normally is.  Bonus that I had the entire track to myself, so I pretended to break a ribbon as I finished each repeat.IMAG0448

Tuesday: Rest day.  Clinic day, busy day, and tight quads & glutes from the speedwork.

Wednesday: Tempo.  I was still feeling the speedwork from Monday, so my first mile was a little painful.  7 miles total and tried to keep 3mi @ 7:30ish pace–9:30, 8:47, 7:44, 7:28, 7:35, 7:19, 8:27.  Quick ab & glute routine afterward.

And I’ll send you off with this beautiful almost-empty peanut butter jar, a surprise gift from Andrea!  The perfect companion to oatmeal.  What a great friend!!



3 thoughts on “Just some running

  1. Karen,
    Great job on the intervals and tempo. I know what you mean about the difficulty in running a tempo with only one day rest in between, but in the long run (no pun intended), this will really pay off. I do enjoy reading your workout posts, they keep me motivated too. I’ve also been fairly diligent about staying on track with my tempo, speed, and circuit workouts. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

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