Boston registration was announced!

Thursdays are awesome…namely because I am done with obligations at noon!

I spent the afternoon reading articles and working on school stuff with the freedom to stand up and stretch whenever I felt like it!  It’s amazing how much easier it is to focus if you get to move around–If I were in charge, there would be a world-wide yoga class every afternoon, and nobody would have to change because athletic clothing would be a widely accepted form of dress for every occasion.  Additionally, the workday would never start before 9:00am for the sake of morning workouts, water fountains would be installed next to every fire hydrant, and vegetables would grow pre-washed and pre-cut.

I started this morning with an easy 7-miler around campus as the sun came up.  My legs appreciated the relaxed pace, but my lungs weren’t as happy–they choked through the thick thick humidity.  I could have used that extra drinking fountain.  After I finished the run, I did a quick round of glute exercises to make myself feel better about skipping out on strength training all week.

Exciting News: Registration dates for the 2014 Boston Marathon were announced today! Registration for the fastest runners (20min BQ cushion) opens on Monday, September 9th, and the other dates can be found here.
The slowfast runners who qualified within 5 minutes (me) can register on Monday, September 16, as long as there is still room!!

On a final note, I thought that the Glee Season 5 premiere was tonight but it’s actually not until September, which was a very sad realization.  I have to wait an entire month until weekly Glee pj parties with Bre start.  There is a Glee rerun (Gleerun?) in a few minutes, so I changed the channel to FOX and The Simpsons was on.  Yuck; If I had to make a list of the dumbest shows ever, The Simpsons would make the list…next to Hillbilly Handfishin’…


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