O-H-I-O and Happy birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday to my fabulous mom!  38 again, I think.

I drove back to the great state of OHIO just to see her and spent the long weekend with my family.

I assure you that this is a recycled picture and I did not take it while I was driving.mail
Ohio is so friendly; just look at the welcome sign!

I stopped on my way home to get flowers and ice cream for my mom, and it just so happens that my dad also got my mom flowers and ice cream for my mom.  And they were the same flowers and the same kind of ice cream.

Great minds think alike!  Or rather my mom has a very distinct preference for peanut butter ice cream, and my dad & I think that the most colorful flowers are the prettiest.

My brother is also home for the weekend, so the four of us played euchre: Mom & Greg v Dad & Karen.  I think we lost but I can’t really remember because I was so distracted by the simultaneous game of song tag we were playing.  Song tag is where someone starts singing a song and someone else jumps in with a new song as soon as a word overlaps between the two songs.  Like “Amazing grace, how sweet…” “Whoaaaaoo SWEET child o’ mine” and so forth.  That example didn’t actually happen but it’s all I could think of.

Some of my Saturday morning running partners are running a half marathon tomorrow morning!  It’s supposed to be disgustingly humid, but they are tough runners and I’m sure they’ll rock the race.

I’m not racing, so I ran 7 miles this morning: 9:07, 8:23, 7:43, 7:33, 7:37, 7:38, 8:27.  I started before the sun came up and finished before the sun came up, which was kind of weird because I felt like I should go back to bed after the run.  I started to do an ab workout after the run but literally stopped 40 seconds into my first plank because I realized I still had to shower, get ready for school, pack, and load my car in 45 minutes.  Made it!



One thought on “O-H-I-O and Happy birthday, Mom!

  1. So it sounds like Song Tag was the real game you were playing – and Euchre was the game on the side when you had a spare moment to lay a card down. Thanks for the birthday goodies!
    (and glad to see you did not take that Ohio picture while driving)

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