Labor Day Speedwork and 2 Zucchinis

This morning started with sleeping in and hitting my old high school track with Dad for a speed session.  I say “my old high school track” like I actually used it in high school, but really I was in marching band and not track or cross country.

I ran: 2mi, 2 x 1mi (6:46, 6:53), 2 x 800 (3:24, 3:26), 2mi

Thoughts: The first mile repeat felt okay, the second mile repeat felt pretty bad, and the third mile repeat was not going to happen, so I split it into 2 800’s instead.  I’m happy with the effort, but I thought my face was going to melt off and burn off at the same time with how hot it was.  Glad it’s over with!

I thought about putting this picture in black & white to make my face a normal color.

My dad came along and did a circuit workout instead of speed because he had a KILLER race yesterday and finished 13th overall in an olympic distance triathlon.  I am not sure how he managed to do a circuit workout the day after, though one of our running friends who was also at the track deemed him “Old Zeus” for being in super shape.


My dad and I are both loving these circuits (doing sets of push ups, lunges, squats, tri dips, etc. between miles), and I swear they’re the secret to being able to run on tired legs.  I did one yesterday morning in our garage and had a sweat-tastic time listening to the radio.

After the speedwork and a quick card game over lunch, I packed up and hit the road.  My mom let me take this giant zucchini with me.


Big, but not as big as Zeke, the extra giant zucchini Ryan and I bought for $1 last fall.

Flashback to Fall ’12:

270599_10151061164866936_84701694_n 185333_10151061164676936_928779225_n
Zeke looks much smaller if you are 6’4″ than if you are 5’6″.

Hope you had a nice long weekend!

Zucchini recipes?
What high school sports did you play? Or wish you would have played?


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