Run and study, run and study

Here’s a quick post/addition to the workout log to let my parents know I’m still alive.  It will be in bullet form because all of my brain power is concentrated toward getting as much reading, highlighting, powerpointing, and lab reporting done as possible before Ryan visits tonight!  My second pot (yes pot) of coffee is helping me get this job done.

  • Tuesday: REST DAY.  A good but busy day–two blocks of clinic with class in the middle.  Oatmeal for two meals.
  • Wednesday: 7 mile progressive tempo.  9:27, 8:47, 7:52, 7:40, 7:28, 7:16, 8:23.  I felt fine as soon as I got into the groove, but that didn’t really happen until mile 4.
  • I am waiting for the day that my first mile is over 10 minutes.  Not sure why my legs literally can’t move any faster in the morning; does anyone else have this problem?
  • Thursday: 8 miles easy (8:30ish pace).  Beautiful weather and nice, relaxed run.
  • Wed & Thursday runs were followed by quick abs & glute strength.
  • I am glad that there are people in the world who enjoy statistics, but I am not one of them.  I will hire my brother Greg, who is majoring in statistics, to do my analyses if I ever go into research.
  • You know you’re on “Mission: productivity” when you clean your apartment during study breaks!



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