Too much mac ‘n cheese and a bonfire

What a great weekend!  Ryan was here to visit this weekend, so that automatically made it awesome.

Friday morning started with an early workout wake up call.  If 5am wasn’t hard enough, it was 4am to Ryan because he’s on Central time.  I went outside for a circuit workout and Ryan drove to the rec center to lift heavy things.
My circuit: 5 x (run 5 minutes, 10 burpees, 20 walking lunges/leg, 20 push ups, 20 squats, 20 tri dips).  I took it pretty easy so that I’d still have fresh legs for Saturday morning’s long run.  It was super dark outside (I saw a mouse scamper across my walking-lunge path, which was way creepy), and I’ve decided that my next running purchase will be a headlamp.

Fast forward through 8 hours of class/clinic/work and a grocery trip.  To match my cooking skills, Ryan and I had deli meat sandwiches and boxed mac n cheese for dinner.  We decided to try Betty Crocker boxed mac instead of Kraft, and we bought 2 boxes: Extra Cheesy and Spirals.  We made both and were only able to finish half of it, but that’s okay because I think mac ‘n cheese tastes better as a leftover.  Apparently the general public thinks that leftover macaroni and cheese is gross?  Not true.

We were both exhausted from the early workout and day full of brainwork, so we decided on a movie night.  Tangled was on tv, and I have an awesome boyfriend who somehow agreed to it.  (Currently listening to I See the Light on youtube << check out this version if you like sappy Disney duets like I do).

Saturday morning started with a nice 14-miler.  I met up with the running group at 5:50am for the first 10, though most of them started at 4:20am to fit in 22 miles before 7:30am!  They are incredible (and crazy).  We averaged a little over 8:30min/mile but kicked it up to a 7:30 pace for the last 2 miles.  My legs felt strong when we upped the pace because I was only 8 miles in, but I am so proud of my friends who ran miles 21 and 22 so speedy!  After the group finished, I ran 4 more on my own at around 8min/mile and finished with a good stretch and a long cold shower.

Ryan and I had a breakfast and Tonto playing party, where I kicked his butt with a score of  -77 to -54.  However, it wasn’t a sanctioned game because we were not able to complete all 10 rounds.  I would also like to mention that while I had a normal breakfast food called oatmeal, Ryan ate a turkey sandwich and leftover mac ‘n cheese.

Then we spent the majority of the morning/afternoon working on school work and research in the library.

Ryan and I agreed to walk Bre’s dog Chunk later that afternoon while she was away, and we had a fun time playing with/walking him AND decorating Bre’s apartment for her BIRTHDAY on Tuesday!

Showcasing our art skills (photocredit to Bre who found 23 out of 24 of the signs we hid around her apartment)

And then we headed to a bonfire with our church life group–friends, food, s’mores with Reese’s, Mafia with Uno cards–such a fun time!  Our host and hostess live out in the country with a collection of random animals just walking around in their yard, like llamas and groups of odd birds.  It’s so awesome.  They have a horde (gaggle?) of ducks and a posse of African birds that parade around and occasionally quack-scream all together.  So funny!

Ryan and I at the bonfire.  Next time I’ll try to pose us with a bird gang.

Sunday was another circuit workout (5 miles + 3 x 20 lunges, 20 push ups, 20 squats, 20 tri dips), church, more school work, and sending Ryan off.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!


Do you own a headlamp?
Are you a fan of Kraft mac?


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