Sunrise at the track

Monday morning at the track with repeats and a sunrise.


Now that the sun comes out later in the morning, it’s much harder to get up and moving.  0% of me wanted to run speed this morning, but I sucked it up–and had a great workout and saw a pretty sunrise!

the workout: 2, 2 x 1.5mi, 1 x 1mi, 1

I ran 6 100m sprints before the repeats to shake my legs awake.  For the 1.5 mile & mile repeats, I aimed for a 7-minute pace, and I was right on!  It felt comfortably hard, and I was proud of myself for being so consistent!

Crossed that workout off the to do list

When I got back to my apartment, I put my shoes away (by kicking them off in the shoe pile by my door) and noticed that this pile had 4 pairs of running shoes, 1 pair of TOMs, 1 pair of flats, and 2 pairs of sandals.  I am not sure how that happened because I distinctly remember clearing this pile last week.  At home, our laundry room always accumulated mass amounts of footwear from the five members of my family, but I always denied being the problem one.  Living alone teaches you things!


Three great things happened today:

  1. One of my favorite Jesus songs came on the radio on my way to school.
  2. Bre brought s’more cookie bars to our pediatrics class!  Since i had a real campfire s’more over the weekend, my taste buds were in the position to compare, and I actually preferred the s’more cookie bar!  Most of this preference is because I like solid chocolate more than melted chocolate, though I do like burnt marshmallows.
  3. Walking to my car after class, I saw two cyclists riding their bikes up the parking garage.  Judging from their fluorescent shirts and road bikes, they were legitimately in the middle of a hill workout in the parking garage.

Campfire marshmallows: burnt to a crisp or perfectly toasted?
Most fun thing you did over the weekend?


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