You know you’re stressed when

Along with your sanity, here are some things that go away when you feel stressed about your very long to-do list:

Fashion.  Today is navy on navy.

Common sense.
I set my alarm to early o’ clock this morning to run 15 miles–I’m visiting friends in Michigan this weekend and wanted to get the long run out of the way.
1. I have not run 15 miles since March (what a week to start)
2. I am not even training for anything longer than 13.1.
Thank goodness it was thunderstorming and I slept in instead.
Example: I made coffee this morning and then came back to my kitchen and found TWO different mugs full of hot coffee!  One on the kitchen table and one by the coffee pot.  I don’t remember filling two mugs, but I drank both and then stuck my head in the freezer because I was so hot.

Control of facial expressions.  Currently defaulting to deer in the headlights mixed with zombie.

Culinary prowess.  95% of “meal food” I’ve eaten this week came from the microwave.  Thank you for frozen burritos, frozen veggie burgers, and oatmeal.  The other 5% was scrambled eggs.

Putting things away.  I can tell you every outfit I’ve worn this week by looking at my bedroom floor.

Generosity.  I used to be a helpful person…

Classmates: what would you add?  Or anyone else?

On to running.  Let’s get caught up with workouts since Monday.

Tuesday: RestDay Tuesday!  

Wednesday: A new circuit workout with my friend Erin at Purdue’s stadium in the morning!  She invited me to join her on her normal Wednesday circuit: a mixture of running, stair running, and strength moves.  It lasted a little over an hour and was a fun and social way to start the day.

Thursday: I’ll do some sort of workout later today, but definitely not a long run.  I’ll either hit the rec center for weights or do a tempo run.

Back to reading about spontaneous and evoked otoacoustic emissions and the effect that aspirin consumption has on them!  WOO!

Make it a great Thursday!


2 thoughts on “You know you’re stressed when

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