Four more Once Upon a Times

I am back in the great state of…Indiana.  Many thanks to Amanda and Alyssa for letting me hang out all weekend, prevent them from studying, and eat their food!

Last night we went for a walk around campus, ate cake for dinner, ate more cake for dessert, and watched four more episodes of Once Upon a Time.  I am hooked and would like an extra day (or two) to watch the 44 episodes I haven’t seen yet.  Alyssa did the math and figured that I would need to watch a little over 3 episodes per day to catch up by next Sunday.  Probably not going to happen (plus I don’t have Netflix), but it’s a nice thought.

Update on the puzzle: I put together 4 more pieces while Alyssa assembled a visible chunk of background sky and Snow White’s hand.

This morning I got up early and went for an easy 7-miler around campus, and then the three of us sat around the kitchen table talking, puzzling, drinking coffee, and singing Disney songs.  I think I should move in so we can do this every morning.

I left before lunchtime and drove through rain with car jams, almonds, and a bag of Very Berry Starbursts.  If you are looking for the slowest McDonalds in the world, it’s attached to a Walmart in Southwest Michigan.

Long drives always make me (and probably most people) very very sleepy, so I’m weighing the pros & cons of grocery shopping now vs going to bed at 6:30pm and packing an interesting lunch tomorrow.


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