Monday speed and weird skittles

The next time you want to feel like a Monday morning ALL-STAR, do a speed workout the morning after a weekend trip.  It shocked me right back into reality.

I took my speed to the road instead of a track this morning because the gas meter in my car was on empty and I had to ration fuel to drive to school.  Luckily, I had 2 x 2 miles on my schedule, so my Garmin worked just perfectly.

The workout: 2, 2 x 2mi, 1

I actually liked this distance because I didn’t have to sprint.  For those of us who are scared of the very short and very fast, 2 miles was nice.  Plus, I still haven’t gotten over how cool it is to check my watch for my speed!  Imagine if humans automatically knew how fast they were going and could “clock in” to a certain speed.  Kind of like how someone with perfect pitch can label any note on a whim.

These are the kind of thoughts that consume my brain while I am trying to understand confusing articles about suppression and evoked emissions.

And these are the colorful pieces of sugar that I study with:
Riddles Skittles: the colors don’t match the flavors.  They are a little bit strange, and I think that’s why they were on clearance at Target.


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