I love Thursdays and we’re finally eating the zucchini

This wonderful thing happens to my schedule every Thursday at noon: it is OPEN for the rest of the day.  There are so many possibilities on how to use the day: Write a lab report? Write the other lab report? Read an article?  Read one of the other 6 articles?  Read a textbook? Make a presentation?  Do my laundry?  Put away the groceries I bought on Monday?  All of the above? Ohh yeah.

Maybe this is what working from home feels like; Having a day-consuming list of tasks but with the freedom to start with whatever one you want.  I like it.  And I like also how close the coffee pot is.

Okay so actually today wasn’t as productive as I was hoping it would be, but I finished what is due tomorrow and I cleaned my apartment before Ryan came (yay!) so he didn’t have to see how messy I really am.

Ryan just got here, and he is so awesome that he offered to make us dinner while I study (and blog and sing along to Pandora and tell him where to find pots and pans).  He set his laptop on the fridge for recipe reference, which I think is hilarious because it’s so high.


He’s using the GIANT zucchini that I never used, plus other ingredients that actually require cooking.  He is way ahead of me.

Now on to running…

Tuesday: Restday Tuesday

Wednesday: One hour of full body strength at the rec center.  A perk of most college rec centers is that not a lot of students work out in the morning, so I almost had the entire ground floor to myself.  I circled 3 times from 5 minutes on a cardio machine to arm weights to leg weights.  It was a good workout!

Thursday: 8.5 mi tempo.  I think I am switching my tempo run from Wednesday to Thursday from now on because it gives me an extra day to recover from speed on Monday.  The downside is that my Thursday legs are tired from Wednesday’s strength workout, but maybe this downside will go away when my legs get stronger.  My legs (but mostly my butt) were sore for today’s tempo, and it was almost too slow to even call a tempo.  Plus there were hills..er, a hill.  A for effort, right? 9:21, 8:16, 8:00, 7:55, 8:22, 7:56, 7:58, 8:21.


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