15 miles and a casserole mountain

Perfect morning for a run.  Chilly, no humidity, a full moon, and a sunrise!  I met up with the running group early this morning for 11 miles, and then I added 4 more.  15 is the longest run I’ve done it quite a while, but we kept the pace relaxed (averaged 8:40s), so I survived the whole distance.  And then I skipped core work and stretching because my legs were too tired.

The rest of today is dedicated to classwork, and I have big plans to cross a lab report and a few presentations off the whiteboard on my fridge.  Ryan also has a lot of work to do and he is able to stay on task a million times better than me, so I am trying to summon his impressive work ethic to stay focused.  …which will begin after I write this blog post.

But first, a quick recap of yesterday’s workout.
Yesterday morning Ryan and I went to the rec center to fit in a workout before my 8am clinic.  I can’t complain how early it was because it was an hour earlier for Ryan’s Central-Time-Zone-Self, and he didn’t complain about getting up in the wee hours of the morning.  I did about an hour of strength work with weights, focusing on arms & legs and a tiny bit of abs (that’s like the whole body, right?  I wish someone would plan my strength workouts for me.)

Oh, and let me share what ever happened with Zucchini Zeke’s almost-as-large cousin.  Ryan made Tomato Zucchini Casserole from a recipe on Allrecipes, and it was fantastic!  He bought the ingredients two weeks ago to make last time he was here and we didn’t have time, but we learned that tomatoes, onions, and a few basil leaves out of the pack can last two weeks in your refrigerator!  Good thing I don’t have time to cook and therefore kept them in the Kroger bag in my fridge without using them.

We were determined to fit the entire extra-large zucchini in the recipe, so we layered until we could layer no more and then secured the mountain with foil:
You know how you can look at several pictures of each recipe from Allrecipes?  Maybe we should submit this one.

Here’s what it looked like out of the oven:

The picture may not do it justice because its taste can be described as a mozzarella stick with some tomatoes inside or like a mixed up pizza with extra veggies.  Yum!

Off to be productive!  Enjoy your Saturday!

Best part about fall?
Have you eaten candy corn yet this season?


One thought on “15 miles and a casserole mountain

  1. No candy corn yet, but have had candy and corn.
    Best part of Fall: 1) the change in color of the leaves, and 2) perfect running weather.

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