Lunch crepes and a vending machine warehouse

After yesterday’s 15 miler, I was so tired–both the sleepy kind and the “I don’t want to move” kind.  It’s crazy how 15+ miles can seem like no big deal if your body is used to it and like an arduous feat if your body is not (yesterday it was the latter).  I think I sat in every chair that I passed yesterday because my legs were being very dramatic and never wanted to run again.  Fortunately, they got over that quickly because I went on a [slow] 7 mile recovery run this morning before church and they felt fine.

So to appease my sore self yesterday, I set up camp at my kitchen table all morning while Ryan worked at school with the fancy computers, and then we met on campus for lunch crepes.

Truth: I look like a boy on Saturdays

Truth: Ryan ate two crepes.

And then we hunted around campus for a certain kind of software Ryan needed.  While he talked to the tech department, I worked on a lab report is this creepy room with NINE vending machines.  Pop, pop, snacks, [microwave cabinet], ice cream, coffee, snacks, pop, and two more pop machines across the room.
1. This makes no sense.
2. Every machine was humming loudly (I used a sound level meter app in my phone to survey the room).
3. I am proud to say that I did not buy a pop during my stay in this vending warehouse.


Sunday was church, a suprise birthday party for one of our friends (she was super surprised!), and a lab assignment with Andrea.  We had the genius idea of collecting our data and then heading to Panera to write the lab report with food and endless Acai iced tea.  Here is a youtube video on how to pronounce Acai if you were wondering.

Have you ever had a surprise party?  Have you ever wanted one?


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