Running bummers

This is not my week for speedwork.  After Monday’s speed flop that turned into a tempo run, I tried to do my 2 x 2mile repeats today, but my shins kept cramping.  Instead, I ran a tempo with a stretch break between each mile:  2, 4mi@ 7:30, 1.  I was bummed that my shins burned, but it reminded me they’d been feeling pretty good up until this morning!  They used to cramp a lot more often, but I think the 5 minutes of foam rolling I do every morning (that I forgot to do today) has really been helping.

Another bummer to share: I won’t be running Boston 2014.  The race was capped due to field size limitations, and they couldn’t accept all of the applicants.  For my age group, they accepted marathon times of 3:33:22 and better, so my 3:34:45 was above the cutoff.  I’m sad but okay–I wouldn’t have changed anything about my race because it was such a cool experience.  But it’s awesome that so many people want to run Boston, and it’s inspiring to know how many incredibly talented runners there are out there.  Congrats to my friends and other runners who will be running next year, and I’m hoping to qualify faster for 2015!  I’ll be on the lookout for flat spring marathons.

On a different note, I gave 4 presentations today and yesterday on otoacoustic emissions, so I’m done with presentations until Monday.  And then I give 4 more on Monday and Tuesday.  Year 2 is all about presentations.

But I get to see my family this weekend!

Do you prefer presentations or exams?
Recommendations for flat marathons in the spring?


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