Sugar sandwiches and GLEE

Check out what Andrea brought for me today:IMAG0507
An almost-empty peanut butter jar!  In case you missed it from the last few jars I’ve shared about, I like to eat oatmeal out of them because the oatmeal gathers up all of the extra peanut butter.  I owe an extra big thank you to Andrea’s husband Alex because he probably could have made one more PB&J out of this jar before Andrea snatched it for me.  Alex gets an A+ for peanut butter consumption, and Andrea is the best for thinking of me with every jar.

So remember the pumpkin cookies?  I’ve discovered that if you cut a cookie in half lengthwise and make a frosting sandwich, it is the best thing ever.  I think my current favorite food is pumpkin cookie attacked with frosting.  In other words, my current favorite food is sugar.

Fueled by sugar, today’s workout was a circuit workout on the indoor track at the rec center:
Run 3 laps (3 min)
20 walking lunges/leg 
20 push ups
20 of a random ab move
20 of another random ab move
15 weighted squats + press
10 burpees
1 min plank
I completed 6 rounds in an hour–time well spent!  I opted to do this circuit inside instead of outside because I was having some problems with motivation, and being around  other people and fancy equipment makes exercising seem much more exciting.

I’m off to do some homework before my date tonight with Bre and Chunk.  We’re having a pj party for the premiere of Glee season 5!


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