Next race and footie pajamas

Forget what I said about not wearing running tights until after it starts snowing because I wore tights on my Saturday morning run.  Yesterday (Saturday) morning I met up with my run group friends at 7am for an easy 10-miler.  It was chilly and windy but BEAUTIFUL out.  Part of our route climbed a mile-long uphill lined with colorful trees.  It was picturesque fall, so we stopped for a (second) photoshoot, and then we stopped for another (third) photoshoot.  It was a lovely morning!

Most of the runners in our group are doing the full or half Indianapolis Monumental Marathon next weekend as the last race of the fall season, so with a little convincing, I decided to sign up too.

I felt so tired/exhausted/terrible running last weekend’s half, so it can’t be as bad as that, right?  Either way, I used this upcoming race as an excuse to go shopping for running clothes, so even if the race is a giant flop, at least I’ll be wearing a cute new pull-over!

Speaking of races, congratulations to my dad, who completed a half ironman in North Carolina yesterday morning!  Yay Dad!

I just got back from the grocery store, and while I was there I saw a grown-up woman wearing hot pink zip-up fleece footie pajamas.  Imagine a 5’5″ pink fuzzy bunny, and you will have a fairly accurate mental picture.  Kind of weird, but she looked really cozy.

My plan was to run after grocery shopping, but then I bought peanut butter ice cream and ate some while it was still melty, so I’ll head out in a little while.

How much would someone have to pay you to wear footie pajamas in public?


Winter weather and pb

What’s up, WINTER?  Where is this 30-degree weather coming from?  It’s officially the season of using hand lotion every day and wearing a permanent scarf.

I donned a long-sleeved pullover for my run this morning, but I think I can hold off on tights for a few more weeks. I like to wear shorts until it starts snowing and I can’t feel my legs because I’m in denial of winter running.

This morning’s run was a bit quicker than I thought it would be: 7mi @ 7:55ish pace.  My first mile is usually double digits because I take forever to warm up, but today’s first mile was a 7:45, probably because I was freezing.  It felt good though–so that means either I was numb or I’m recovered from the half on Saturday!

I rested on Sunday and Tuesday, and I went for an easy 7-miler on Monday.  Wednesday was a run + strength circuit at the rec center’s indoor track.  In case you’re interested (it was a good one!):
5 rounds of:
Run 3 minutes (3 laps)
20 walking lunges/leg
20 push ups
20 reverse crunches
1 min plank
10 plank dips/side
15 squats + raise (with a medicine ball)
10 burpees

And that was a week of workouts.

Look, another present left for me from one of my peanut butter-eating friends!:

My friends are very generous with their almost-empty peanut butter jars (you too, Mom! Thanks for the ones you save for me).  They are always so willing to give me their trash, and my oatmeal loves it.

I’m all about convenience food (e.g. oatmeal in a pb jar) during busy times, but I actually used this thing in my kitchen called the oven this week.  I made spaghetti squash lasagna, and it lowered my “egg medley and other weird dinner concoctions” score by 100%.

On a final note, Glee does not resume until November, so Bre and I are filling our weekly Glee pj party spot with a Halloween movie and homework.  We walked to Walmart to buy snacks (it snowed on the way over), and the weirdest thing happened in the store: An announcement on the loud-speaker asked that everyone over the age of 21 meet in the middle of the store without their carts.  (Okay, it wasn’t worded quite as creepily and threatening, but it was close).  What did I do?  Dragged Bre to investigate!  Apparently it was a real-life infomercial for a knife set, but the whole production was really strange.  We each got a free paring knife for watching!

Do you prefer baking sweets or cooking meal food?

Pottery and froyo recovery

Starting off this post by saying a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Olivia who completed her first marathon today in Detroit!  Go Liv!

And more congratulations to other friends who ran the Detroit full/half, Grand Rapids full/half, and Columbus full/half!  This was a big racing weekend.

I’m still recovering from the Purdue Half yesterday, and I’m more sore that I thought I would be.  My legs felt okay right after the race, but they were pretty dead for the rest of the day. So instead of moving, I gathered everything I might need (e.g. studying stuff, Halloween tv, food, water, blankets because I seriously couldn’t get warm) and parked myself on the couch for the next few hours.

And then Andrea and I painted pottery!  She found a good deal on groupon, so we had a “pottery for 2” date as a reward for working so hard all of the time (except for this afternoon, which was spent 95% with the Halloweentown marathon).  I thought about painting a cute monster bank but decided on a practical bowl, and Andrea settled on the biggest dish she could find (a football-shaped platter).  The football dish took a long time to paint, and next time Andrea chooses an obscenely large piece of pottery, I am supposed to tell her that she will regret it.  Though I think the football plate turned out very nicely.  Both of our pieces look pastel/Easterish/babylike, but they will look much cooler after they’re fired.


When I woke up on Sunday, my glutes, hamstrings, and quads reminded me that Saturday’s race happened, so I took the day off to recover.  It was so pretty outside this afternoon that my mind wanted to run, but my legs said definitely not.  Instead, I called my sister Laura and my friend Sarah to catch up, and I watched Halloween movies while studying.

And then Andrea and I met up for a hearing aids lab assignment.  …And Orange Leaf.
Feedback measures and froyo

Peanut butter + vanilla + pumpkin froyo + Reese pieces, twix, and M&Ms

What do you put on your froyo?
Any fun runs/races this weekend?

Purdue Half Marathon

This morning, my dad and I ran the Purdue Half Marathon!


I can’t say that I enjoyed this race, but hopefully other people did; There were a bunch of first time half-ers and 5k-ers, and first races are always exciting.  To begin to describe how I felt during the whole race, please picture us sitting in our car until 10 minutes to start time to avoid the pouring rain.

The good news is that my dad is awesome and decided to run the whole race with me, at my pace, as a tempo for his big race next weekend.  The second good news is that the rain slowed down to a refreshing/freezing sprinkle as we started, and I felt strong for the first 2 miles at a 7:40 pace.

After that, there is no good news, and the whole race went downhill.  Actually, the whole race was kind of uphill.

Miles 3 to 12 were difficult and I wanted to walk or quit–my hamstrings/glutes were sore and hurting, the rest of my legs felt heavy, and my whole body was tired.  My pace slowed down and hovered right under 8-min, and I held on until the end.  Much thanks to my dad–it’s easier to suffer through when someone is next to you (even if that person is clearly not suffering).

The course had a few rolling hills, and the second half was one long climb.  Though I felt like a squashed potato, I’m glad I ran it; Bad races like this make the good races feel extra nice.  And my time wasn’t as bad as my legs thought–I finished in 1:44 and placed 4th in my age group.


Personal tips to consider:

  1. Strengthen hamstrings & glutes: They started hurting around mile 3.
  2. Fuel better during the race: I had some water and about half a sip of Powerade.
  3. Possibly adjust the taper: I may have over-tapered and maybe should have done something short and fast this week or a shake-out run yesterday.

We finished off father-daughter morning with lunch and Tonto:

If you’re a Tonto player, please ignore my score for this round. …

Running readings and fox talk

Not a lot of running happening here this week.  I’m running a half on Saturday that I feel pretty undertrained for, but I am fully embracing taper week and resting as much as possible to make up for all of the long runs I didn’t do.

I haven’t been in the mood to run all week, which is odd, but at least I’m not fighting the taper.  Yesterday I woke up to my alarm for an easy run but decided to clean my apartment and do laundry instead–probably a better choice because when it comes to cleaning, I need to strike while the iron’s hot.  I finally unpacked from Pittsburgh, and I threw out two stalks of celery that mysteriously still looked okay after sitting in my fridge for six weeks.

Today is a rest day, so instead of running, I am reading about running.  I read an article on Runner’s World today called Achilles Pain, Poor Glute Control Linked.  As the title describes, the article related achilles tendon pain to weak glutes by comparing glute control between 2 groups of similar runners–with and without achilles problems.  The group with achilles problems was found to have poorer glute activation.  This is me!  Bad glutes and hurting achilles!  The article explained that strengthening your glutes can help knock the achilles problems, and it included a glute-strengthening routine video.  According to the video, “these exercises will strengthen your glutes and help you get a coveted runner’s butt.”  I was not aware that runner’s butt was a thing.

My chiropractor must know what’s up because this is exactly what he told me last March.  Unfortunately I did not follow his recommendation to do glute strengthening exercises every day (I wish I would have because I would probably be healed by now), but I will be making a sticker chart for spring marathon training.

The best part of my day was an afternoon study break skype with Ryan, where I lamented every detail of my week, and we caught up on everything that has happened since Monday.  We also watched What Does the Fox Say on youtube, a hilarious video that Andrea, Bre, and Lauren showed me yesterday.  Shoutout to Andrea because she likes shoutouts, and I haven’t seen her today.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.49.14 PM
What does the fox say? Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!
(Bre, this part would go nicely with some wobble dance.)

Sad news for me and Bre, Glee isn’t on tonight because they’re taking a few week’s break, so Bre, Chunk, and I are missing our pajama Glee party with snacks.  Here’a a picture of how much Chunk loves these get-togethers:


Running recap:

Monday: 6.5 mile evening run.  Easy pace.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 7 mile evening run.  Easy pace.

Thursday: Rest

Chili cook-off and a grumpy baker

Today began with a run/strength circuit around the park: 5 miles with a round of lunges, push ups, squats, tri dips, and squat jumps between each mile.

After that, I said goodbye to Ryan–he’s been here since Tuesday to defend his thesis (congrats Ryan!) and hang out with me, but he left on Sunday morning.

Ryan missed the chili cook-off that our church hosted later that day!  (This was an extra bummer considering I hardly made any actual food while he was here and provided sandwich supplies for every meal). After the late service, anyone was invited to enter a pot of chili, and the entire congregation was invited to stay, mingle, sample, and vote.  We had 15ish entrants and plenty of taste testers; the event was a huge success.


My friend Alicia coordinated every detail–she had a pinterest board going with decoration ideas, and she even made adorable “serving spoon” trophies!  Each pot was labeled with an A B C letter, and the chili was served buffet-style with small sample cups.  There were spicy chilis, sweet chilis, white chicken chilis, a venison chili, a sweet potato chili…

I’m not a big fan of ground beef, so I cheated and only ate the white chicken chilis mixed together in a bowl instead of sampling everything.  But the white chicken chilis were very good, as was the corn bread.  We also had a fun dessert table that had pumpkin bread, pumpkin cupcakes, a Twinkie trifle, a cinnamon apple trifle, and more.

I volunteered to bring a dessert instead of a chili because cooking is not my strong point, but that backfired because neither is baking.  I tried to make a fun fall dessert from Pinterest and it looked very pretty.

Miss Betty Karen Crocker

Unfortunately, it oozed and goozed and crumbled into stringy, marshmallowy, sticky piles when I tried to cut it, so then I made brownies that stuck to the pan.  Double fail and double cranky; Ryan deserves an award for being so nice to me. The festive mess bars solidified a little overnight, so I ended up sneaking them to the corner of the dessert table.  Somehow people ate all of them, which is good because I never want to eat sugar again; I think my sweet tooth is going on strike from overload.

Pumpkin picking

What a lovely weekend!

First, some running news:
I have decided to run a half-marathon next weekend!  There’s a half marathon/5k on campus next Saturday morning that I’ve heard mostly good things about, so it’ll be my first race this fall.  I have a time goal, but I’m not quite sure how it will go because I haven’t run over 8 miles in about a month, so I’m flexible.  My dad is planning on coming up to run the half as a tempo run because he has a big half ironman the weekend after, but his moderate tempo pace is similar to my fastest race pace, so we might run together.  That worked out well last time.

I thought about going long today to cram in some last-minute distance, but instead I slept in and went out for a late morning easy 8-miler.  Running around campus on a game day was both a bad idea and a good idea: I zigzagged through mobs of mostly sober people and got caught by every red light, but it was a lively and fun atmosphere.  (In case you were interested, we lost.)

Later that day, Ryan and I went on a triple date to a corn maze/pumpkin patch.  It was planned entirely by the girls, and I’m positive that the three girls were five times as excited as the three guys, but they were good sports.

Me, Ryan, Andrea, Alex, Bre, Ed

We rode a tractor to the corn maze (with small children and their families) and formed our corn maze plan of action–this corn maze had 28 coupon stations inside, so we had to decide which to go to (e.g. froyo and burritos) and which to skip (e.g. tractor companies and Plato’s Closet).  TeamNavigation (Ryan, Andrea, Ed) took turns leading, while TeamExcitement (Bre, Alex by default, me) cheered.  Both teams did an excellent job because we found all of our coupons, made our way out of the maze, and had fun.

me and Ryan

Then we picked out pumpkins.  Bre and I looked for the ugly bumpy pumkins that no one wants, but we couldn’t find them, so we settled on beautiful symmetric ones.  Andrea’s is a little green.


Fun fall day!

In other news, congrats to my sister Laura who ran a 5k PR today, and good luck to my friends running the Chicago Marathon tomorrow morning!

Running recap:

Thursday: 30 min AMT + 40 min full body with weights

Friday: 8 miles easy-ish 

Saturday: 8 miles easy

Are you a good navigator?
Best part of your weekend?