Grandma’s birthday weekend

Let’s start this post off with a sibpic because I’ve missed them!
Me, Greg, Laura.  Sporting our Museum stickers.

My family spent the weekend in Pittsburgh with the extended family on my mom’s side to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday.  Her real birthday is October, but we started the festivities early with a whole Saturday of family fun.  Grandma had no idea that all of her kids and grandkids were going to be in Pittsburgh this weekend, so it was an extra special birthday surprise.

Downtown Pittsburgh, taken from our moving van.

I drove home to Ohio on Friday evening, and my family left bright and early the next morning for the 5-hour trip to the Burgh.  We met up with everyone at the Heinz History Center downtown, and this museum was gigantic–seven floors of Pittsburgh history!  We split up to walk around, and I think I made it through two floors with my posse of Chris, Grandma, my mom, and Aunt Cindy; I’ll have to go back to check out the rest.

Heinz History Center

After our party learned a sufficient amount about ketchup, the Steelers, and Mister Rogers, we headed to The Church Brew Works restaurant for an early dinner.  The building was an old church that was transformed into a restaurant, so the inside resembled a spacious traditional church, complete with tall ceilings, stained glass windows, a confessional booth, a pipe organ, an alter, and even some pews!  I got a buffalo chicken wrap and fries, but I tried other people’s food and like Laura’s pork tacos the best.


The celebration continued at Dave & Busters after dinner, but my family was exhausted from the early day of driving (except Greg who is nocturnal), so we left while the rest partied on.

My family left for home on Sunday morning after a group breakfast.  It was a long drive back, but I was able to get a decent chunk of school work done in the car–I read 2 articles, finished 2 presentations, and did a hearing aid assignment!  I can’t work when there is music or talking around me, but luckily I had earplugs (#audstudent) in my book bag.  Somehow I got caught up with everything on Sunday night, and I drove back to Purdue early Monday morning.

This weekend’s workouts were a bit more relaxed than normal because of all of the travel. Behold:

Friday: 7ish miles.  I didn’t wear my Garmin, so I’m not sure how far it was.  All I know is that I ran an out-and-back to the local high school track (& ran 1 mile around the track), and my “out” was a full 3 minutes slower than my “back.”

Saturday: 7 miles with a few tempo: 9:45, 7:53, 8:07, 7:41, 7:28, 7:27, 7:26.  The first half of this route was hilly and the second half was flat.  Good run!

Sunday: Rest Day.  Dad and I had grand plans to use the tiny and sloping hotel parking lot for a circuit workout, but we slept in instead.  He suggested saving the circuit until later that night, but I take 100% of the blame for nixing that idea when the time came.

Monday: Two runs!
am: 5 hilly miles
, 8min pace @ 5:30am
pm: 4 miles @ 8pm: 8:23, 7:03, 7:01, 8:23.  I ran again because I felt like it–I had forgotten how awesome it feels to run later in the evening when the weather is perfect; I loved this run!  I should probably switch all of my tempos to the evening because my fast middle miles felt freeing instead of agony.

Favorite city?
Ketchup or mustard?


2 thoughts on “Grandma’s birthday weekend

  1. Favorite city? Of course Pitt! I lived there when I was just a kid.
    Love everything about it; but especially the everyday rain & the parks in the fall.

    I am a bit shy on two runs on a day, I think it puts too much pressure on my body; but I am glad it works out for you! Maybe I am just lazy..

    Lastly, sleeping in is always better than working out:
    1. You will obliged to put more effort in the next training
    2. Runners don’t really skip training, if you slept in probably means that you needed it 🙂

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