An enormous baby carrot and a headlamp

Do you want to see the biggest baby carrot known to man?

Easily the size of three carrots.

It was a very exciting surprise, kind of like when you find two pretzels stuck together or a whole oreo in cookies ‘n cream ice cream.

Next to the colossal carrot & friends is a hummus snack pack, a recent discovery at Costco–they don’t need refrigerated, there are no strange ingredients, and they taste good (and there is enough hummus for like 15 carrots).  I shared one with Andrea, and she said the hummus was okay; but it took her a month to try it because I think she was weirded out about the no-refrigeration part.

Here is my winning purchase of the day:

A headlamp!

I finally bought a headlamp after too many dark, scary, and borderline unsafe runs early in the morning.  I’m pretty pumped to try it out tomorrow morning; Lately I’ve been dreading every morning run, so maybe this new gadget will bring back positive feelings.

Running recap:

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Morning speedwork at the track: 2, 1 x 1.5 (7:06 pace), 2 x 1 (7:09, 7:11), 1. Hot, muggy, SUPER foggy, and very un-Octoberlike.  My legs felt pretty good.

Thursday: same hour-long circut as this.

What do you put on your carrots?


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