Right back in Pittsburgh

We are back from our second Pittsburgh weekend in a row after a friend reunion and a fun wedding.

In kindergarten, I met Lauren and Bradley, my first best friends.  We each had 1 brother and 1 sister, and between all 9 kids, everyone had an age-matched playmate, so our families played together all the time.  We have fond memories of backyard games, girl dance parties, a million birthday parties, building snow forts, Jon marrying his family dog…

The first of our crew got married for real this past weekend, so we reunited to celebrate Brittany’s big day!

Here’s a flashback to our younger years at a pumpkin patch.  946389_669066129784197_732249289_n
Bride Brittany is the tall one with red hair.  She and my sister Laura are the oldest two, and they played with mature toys while I apparently still brought my cabbage patch doll named Amos to the pumpkin patch.  I am sure Lauren brought a doll too because we were the cool ones who played with stuffed animals at recess in second grade.

We hadn’t seen the whole group for way too long, so it was nice to catch up with the last 10 years of life!  The ceremony was lovely, and the reception was a blast.  We ripped up the dance floor, and Greg taught me how to wobble.

The wedding was in Pittsburgh, so I drove from Purdue to home on Friday night, and my family left for Pittsburgh early Saturday morning.  This was exact deja vu from last weekend except for one addition: my new headlamp!  I ran with the headlamp before the sun came up on Saturday morning, and my run was about 100x safer and more enjoyable than last week’s because I could see where I was going and didn’t have to worry about tripping over an invisible bump.

Aside from running, this headlamp is solving all sorts of problems I hadn’t even realized were problems.
I want to walk to Bre’s, but it’s really dark out.  Headlamp.
I can’t find the cinnamon in my dark cupboard.  
A piece of cereal rolled under the stove.  Headlamp.
I want to make new friends.  Headlamp. …or not.

But I won’t need to use the headlamp today because Purdue has this wonderful thing called fall break, so we don’t have classes today or tomorrow.  I started my Monday with coffee and studying for a huge exam on Wednesday, so I’ll run after my breakfast digests. Fall break will also be the perfect time to work on a midterm research project/presentation that was suddenly assigned today and due on Friday.

Running recap:

Friday: 8 miles at 5:30am, 8:20ish pace.

Saturday: 7 miles.  It was early and I couldn’t decide whether or not to run a tempo, so I gave it half effort, and miles ranged from 7:20-8:20.

Sunday: Rest day.  Actually, rest day to the max.  We made the 5-hour drive home, and then I didn’t move all evening.

Enjoy the week!

Do you dance at weddings?
Still talk to childhood friends?


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