Ice cream, speed, and a very long exam

Ryan came to visit!  Actually, Ryan came to defend his thesis (go Ryan!), and that means he’s in town for a few days to hang out.  We celebrated last night with a dessert picnic while watching Modern Family.  Nothing is classier than eating ice cream straight from the container, right?


Let’s get a close up of that.


All of the sugar last night fueled me through my speedwork this morning.  It was chilly and rather October-ish when I got to the track, so that was a nice change.
2 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile, 2 mile cool down
The mile repeats were at a fairly consistent 7:05ish pace, and the pace felt comfortably hard.  However, I foamed rolled extra long this morning and I stretched after every mile because my shins started to cramp up, and I got “crazy legs” during my second mile repeat.  I’m pretty sure that my shin cramps and crazy leg bouts are related to my super tight glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and more foam rolling will probably help.

It was a good run, but for whatever reason I was extra sore all day, and my legs reminded me how sore they were every time I got up.  But really, I didn’t get up very often; I had a power block of classes on Wednesday afternoon, complete with a two-hour exam that took every minute of those two hours.  Fortunately and unfortunately, we were allowed to bring notes:


Running recap:

Monday: 7 mile tempo.  7:30ish pace for the middle 5 miles on a hilly course at home.  BUT I stopped after each hill (3 hills) for about a minute to catch my breath because I thought I was going to pop a lung, so it was kind of like a mixture of mile repeats, a tempo, and hill work.

Tuesday: 30 minutes with weights, 20 minute run.  This run actually might have been the worst run ever.  I stopped every 5 minutes to stretch because my shins cramped like they were on fire, so then I just gave up.  Bad runs don’t make bad runners, right?

Pick 2 desserts.
Who is the funniest character in Modern Family?


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