Pumpkin picking

What a lovely weekend!

First, some running news:
I have decided to run a half-marathon next weekend!  There’s a half marathon/5k on campus next Saturday morning that I’ve heard mostly good things about, so it’ll be my first race this fall.  I have a time goal, but I’m not quite sure how it will go because I haven’t run over 8 miles in about a month, so I’m flexible.  My dad is planning on coming up to run the half as a tempo run because he has a big half ironman the weekend after, but his moderate tempo pace is similar to my fastest race pace, so we might run together.  That worked out well last time.

I thought about going long today to cram in some last-minute distance, but instead I slept in and went out for a late morning easy 8-miler.  Running around campus on a game day was both a bad idea and a good idea: I zigzagged through mobs of mostly sober people and got caught by every red light, but it was a lively and fun atmosphere.  (In case you were interested, we lost.)

Later that day, Ryan and I went on a triple date to a corn maze/pumpkin patch.  It was planned entirely by the girls, and I’m positive that the three girls were five times as excited as the three guys, but they were good sports.

Me, Ryan, Andrea, Alex, Bre, Ed

We rode a tractor to the corn maze (with small children and their families) and formed our corn maze plan of action–this corn maze had 28 coupon stations inside, so we had to decide which to go to (e.g. froyo and burritos) and which to skip (e.g. tractor companies and Plato’s Closet).  TeamNavigation (Ryan, Andrea, Ed) took turns leading, while TeamExcitement (Bre, Alex by default, me) cheered.  Both teams did an excellent job because we found all of our coupons, made our way out of the maze, and had fun.

me and Ryan

Then we picked out pumpkins.  Bre and I looked for the ugly bumpy pumkins that no one wants, but we couldn’t find them, so we settled on beautiful symmetric ones.  Andrea’s is a little green.


Fun fall day!

In other news, congrats to my sister Laura who ran a 5k PR today, and good luck to my friends running the Chicago Marathon tomorrow morning!

Running recap:

Thursday: 30 min AMT + 40 min full body with weights

Friday: 8 miles easy-ish 

Saturday: 8 miles easy

Are you a good navigator?
Best part of your weekend?


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