Chili cook-off and a grumpy baker

Today began with a run/strength circuit around the park: 5 miles with a round of lunges, push ups, squats, tri dips, and squat jumps between each mile.

After that, I said goodbye to Ryan–he’s been here since Tuesday to defend his thesis (congrats Ryan!) and hang out with me, but he left on Sunday morning.

Ryan missed the chili cook-off that our church hosted later that day!  (This was an extra bummer considering I hardly made any actual food while he was here and provided sandwich supplies for every meal). After the late service, anyone was invited to enter a pot of chili, and the entire congregation was invited to stay, mingle, sample, and vote.  We had 15ish entrants and plenty of taste testers; the event was a huge success.


My friend Alicia coordinated every detail–she had a pinterest board going with decoration ideas, and she even made adorable “serving spoon” trophies!  Each pot was labeled with an A B C letter, and the chili was served buffet-style with small sample cups.  There were spicy chilis, sweet chilis, white chicken chilis, a venison chili, a sweet potato chili…

I’m not a big fan of ground beef, so I cheated and only ate the white chicken chilis mixed together in a bowl instead of sampling everything.  But the white chicken chilis were very good, as was the corn bread.  We also had a fun dessert table that had pumpkin bread, pumpkin cupcakes, a Twinkie trifle, a cinnamon apple trifle, and more.

I volunteered to bring a dessert instead of a chili because cooking is not my strong point, but that backfired because neither is baking.  I tried to make a fun fall dessert from Pinterest and it looked very pretty.

Miss Betty Karen Crocker

Unfortunately, it oozed and goozed and crumbled into stringy, marshmallowy, sticky piles when I tried to cut it, so then I made brownies that stuck to the pan.  Double fail and double cranky; Ryan deserves an award for being so nice to me. The festive mess bars solidified a little overnight, so I ended up sneaking them to the corner of the dessert table.  Somehow people ate all of them, which is good because I never want to eat sugar again; I think my sweet tooth is going on strike from overload.


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