Running readings and fox talk

Not a lot of running happening here this week.  I’m running a half on Saturday that I feel pretty undertrained for, but I am fully embracing taper week and resting as much as possible to make up for all of the long runs I didn’t do.

I haven’t been in the mood to run all week, which is odd, but at least I’m not fighting the taper.  Yesterday I woke up to my alarm for an easy run but decided to clean my apartment and do laundry instead–probably a better choice because when it comes to cleaning, I need to strike while the iron’s hot.  I finally unpacked from Pittsburgh, and I threw out two stalks of celery that mysteriously still looked okay after sitting in my fridge for six weeks.

Today is a rest day, so instead of running, I am reading about running.  I read an article on Runner’s World today called Achilles Pain, Poor Glute Control Linked.  As the title describes, the article related achilles tendon pain to weak glutes by comparing glute control between 2 groups of similar runners–with and without achilles problems.  The group with achilles problems was found to have poorer glute activation.  This is me!  Bad glutes and hurting achilles!  The article explained that strengthening your glutes can help knock the achilles problems, and it included a glute-strengthening routine video.  According to the video, “these exercises will strengthen your glutes and help you get a coveted runner’s butt.”  I was not aware that runner’s butt was a thing.

My chiropractor must know what’s up because this is exactly what he told me last March.  Unfortunately I did not follow his recommendation to do glute strengthening exercises every day (I wish I would have because I would probably be healed by now), but I will be making a sticker chart for spring marathon training.

The best part of my day was an afternoon study break skype with Ryan, where I lamented every detail of my week, and we caught up on everything that has happened since Monday.  We also watched What Does the Fox Say on youtube, a hilarious video that Andrea, Bre, and Lauren showed me yesterday.  Shoutout to Andrea because she likes shoutouts, and I haven’t seen her today.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.49.14 PM
What does the fox say? Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!
(Bre, this part would go nicely with some wobble dance.)

Sad news for me and Bre, Glee isn’t on tonight because they’re taking a few week’s break, so Bre, Chunk, and I are missing our pajama Glee party with snacks.  Here’a a picture of how much Chunk loves these get-togethers:


Running recap:

Monday: 6.5 mile evening run.  Easy pace.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 7 mile evening run.  Easy pace.

Thursday: Rest


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