Purdue Half Marathon

This morning, my dad and I ran the Purdue Half Marathon!


I can’t say that I enjoyed this race, but hopefully other people did; There were a bunch of first time half-ers and 5k-ers, and first races are always exciting.  To begin to describe how I felt during the whole race, please picture us sitting in our car until 10 minutes to start time to avoid the pouring rain.

The good news is that my dad is awesome and decided to run the whole race with me, at my pace, as a tempo for his big race next weekend.  The second good news is that the rain slowed down to a refreshing/freezing sprinkle as we started, and I felt strong for the first 2 miles at a 7:40 pace.

After that, there is no good news, and the whole race went downhill.  Actually, the whole race was kind of uphill.

Miles 3 to 12 were difficult and I wanted to walk or quit–my hamstrings/glutes were sore and hurting, the rest of my legs felt heavy, and my whole body was tired.  My pace slowed down and hovered right under 8-min, and I held on until the end.  Much thanks to my dad–it’s easier to suffer through when someone is next to you (even if that person is clearly not suffering).

The course had a few rolling hills, and the second half was one long climb.  Though I felt like a squashed potato, I’m glad I ran it; Bad races like this make the good races feel extra nice.  And my time wasn’t as bad as my legs thought–I finished in 1:44 and placed 4th in my age group.


Personal tips to consider:

  1. Strengthen hamstrings & glutes: They started hurting around mile 3.
  2. Fuel better during the race: I had some water and about half a sip of Powerade.
  3. Possibly adjust the taper: I may have over-tapered and maybe should have done something short and fast this week or a shake-out run yesterday.

We finished off father-daughter morning with lunch and Tonto:

If you’re a Tonto player, please ignore my score for this round. …


3 thoughts on “Purdue Half Marathon

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