Pottery and froyo recovery

Starting off this post by saying a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Olivia who completed her first marathon today in Detroit!  Go Liv!

And more congratulations to other friends who ran the Detroit full/half, Grand Rapids full/half, and Columbus full/half!  This was a big racing weekend.

I’m still recovering from the Purdue Half yesterday, and I’m more sore that I thought I would be.  My legs felt okay right after the race, but they were pretty dead for the rest of the day. So instead of moving, I gathered everything I might need (e.g. studying stuff, Halloween tv, food, water, blankets because I seriously couldn’t get warm) and parked myself on the couch for the next few hours.

And then Andrea and I painted pottery!  She found a good deal on groupon, so we had a “pottery for 2” date as a reward for working so hard all of the time (except for this afternoon, which was spent 95% with the Halloweentown marathon).  I thought about painting a cute monster bank but decided on a practical bowl, and Andrea settled on the biggest dish she could find (a football-shaped platter).  The football dish took a long time to paint, and next time Andrea chooses an obscenely large piece of pottery, I am supposed to tell her that she will regret it.  Though I think the football plate turned out very nicely.  Both of our pieces look pastel/Easterish/babylike, but they will look much cooler after they’re fired.


When I woke up on Sunday, my glutes, hamstrings, and quads reminded me that Saturday’s race happened, so I took the day off to recover.  It was so pretty outside this afternoon that my mind wanted to run, but my legs said definitely not.  Instead, I called my sister Laura and my friend Sarah to catch up, and I watched Halloween movies while studying.

And then Andrea and I met up for a hearing aids lab assignment.  …And Orange Leaf.
Feedback measures and froyo

Peanut butter + vanilla + pumpkin froyo + Reese pieces, twix, and M&Ms

What do you put on your froyo?
Any fun runs/races this weekend?


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