Winter weather and pb

What’s up, WINTER?  Where is this 30-degree weather coming from?  It’s officially the season of using hand lotion every day and wearing a permanent scarf.

I donned a long-sleeved pullover for my run this morning, but I think I can hold off on tights for a few more weeks. I like to wear shorts until it starts snowing and I can’t feel my legs because I’m in denial of winter running.

This morning’s run was a bit quicker than I thought it would be: 7mi @ 7:55ish pace.  My first mile is usually double digits because I take forever to warm up, but today’s first mile was a 7:45, probably because I was freezing.  It felt good though–so that means either I was numb or I’m recovered from the half on Saturday!

I rested on Sunday and Tuesday, and I went for an easy 7-miler on Monday.  Wednesday was a run + strength circuit at the rec center’s indoor track.  In case you’re interested (it was a good one!):
5 rounds of:
Run 3 minutes (3 laps)
20 walking lunges/leg
20 push ups
20 reverse crunches
1 min plank
10 plank dips/side
15 squats + raise (with a medicine ball)
10 burpees

And that was a week of workouts.

Look, another present left for me from one of my peanut butter-eating friends!:

My friends are very generous with their almost-empty peanut butter jars (you too, Mom! Thanks for the ones you save for me).  They are always so willing to give me their trash, and my oatmeal loves it.

I’m all about convenience food (e.g. oatmeal in a pb jar) during busy times, but I actually used this thing in my kitchen called the oven this week.  I made spaghetti squash lasagna, and it lowered my “egg medley and other weird dinner concoctions” score by 100%.

On a final note, Glee does not resume until November, so Bre and I are filling our weekly Glee pj party spot with a Halloween movie and homework.  We walked to Walmart to buy snacks (it snowed on the way over), and the weirdest thing happened in the store: An announcement on the loud-speaker asked that everyone over the age of 21 meet in the middle of the store without their carts.  (Okay, it wasn’t worded quite as creepily and threatening, but it was close).  What did I do?  Dragged Bre to investigate!  Apparently it was a real-life infomercial for a knife set, but the whole production was really strange.  We each got a free paring knife for watching!

Do you prefer baking sweets or cooking meal food?


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