Next race and footie pajamas

Forget what I said about not wearing running tights until after it starts snowing because I wore tights on my Saturday morning run.  Yesterday (Saturday) morning I met up with my run group friends at 7am for an easy 10-miler.  It was chilly and windy but BEAUTIFUL out.  Part of our route climbed a mile-long uphill lined with colorful trees.  It was picturesque fall, so we stopped for a (second) photoshoot, and then we stopped for another (third) photoshoot.  It was a lovely morning!

Most of the runners in our group are doing the full or half Indianapolis Monumental Marathon next weekend as the last race of the fall season, so with a little convincing, I decided to sign up too.

I felt so tired/exhausted/terrible running last weekend’s half, so it can’t be as bad as that, right?  Either way, I used this upcoming race as an excuse to go shopping for running clothes, so even if the race is a giant flop, at least I’ll be wearing a cute new pull-over!

Speaking of races, congratulations to my dad, who completed a half ironman in North Carolina yesterday morning!  Yay Dad!

I just got back from the grocery store, and while I was there I saw a grown-up woman wearing hot pink zip-up fleece footie pajamas.  Imagine a 5’5″ pink fuzzy bunny, and you will have a fairly accurate mental picture.  Kind of weird, but she looked really cozy.

My plan was to run after grocery shopping, but then I bought peanut butter ice cream and ate some while it was still melty, so I’ll head out in a little while.

How much would someone have to pay you to wear footie pajamas in public?


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