Indy Monumental Half

My morning started bright and early (dark and early) to run the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon!

I got up at 3:30am to meet the group at early o’ clock and drive down to Indy for the race.  Fortunately I was asleep by like 9pm the night before, so I felt pretty perky when that alarm went off.

We arrived early and had quite a bit of time to kill before the race started, so we spent pre-race in a warm convention center with a gloriously long line of flushing toilets (if only every race started like this).

Before we started, my legs felt fresh because I took a few days off this week, including the 2 days before the race.  After we started, they didn’t feel so fresh.  I ran the first 5ish miles at a 7:40ish pace, then slowed down to a 7:50ish for the majority of the race before picking it up at the end.  I never felt great and I wanted the race to be over the entire time, but it wasn’t quite as terrible as the previous half l ran 3 weeks ago.  My butt muscles didn’t hurt like last time, which was awesome; my quads were kind of tired, but nothing was in pain.  I finished in 1:41 (7:47 pace) and was thrilled to see the finish line.

Mild weather, neat (and flat!) course, and plenty of water & Gatorade.  It was also well-organized.

(No pictures because I didn’t take any.  Whaat?)

I feel good/not sore or very tired right now, so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.  I’m meeting Andrea in the morning for a recovery run walk.  Yay!


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