Cookies and soggy notes

This week began with one of the greatest days of the year: Fall Daylight Savings.  It’s right behind Christmas, Thanksgiving, anyone’s birthday, and the start of watermelon season.  After waking up at 3:30am on Saturday, an extra hour of sleep that night was perfect timing.

Andrea and I met up on Sunday morning for a run/walk as a nice recovery after Saturday’s race.   I ran the 2 miles to her place (very slowly on tired legs, but I wasn’t sore at all!), and we covered 2 more together before I left her to get ready for church.  Andrea is hardcore and kept going in the freezing cold weather.

Fast forward to later that night when I remembered that it was my turn to make cookies for our Monday class (I hate baking).  Apparently I used my emergency brownie box last time I had to bake, so I hit up Pinterest for inspiration and Walmart for ingredients.

And voila!
Boxed pumpkin cookie mix (just add egg & butter) with Hershey Kisses

The cookie texture was kind of weird with the Hershey Kiss, but whatever; they were good.

And I’ll leave you with two more Monday pictures, one happy and one sad.

Pretty fall!

Hearing Aids notes, meet spilled coffee.  I hung the notes up after cheering for my dry computer, so hopefully they will be okay.

Workout recap:
Sunday: 2 easy miles, 2 miles run/walk, 2 easy miles
Monday: 45 minutes full body weights (I hope I’m really sore tomorrow because I haven’t lifted for a while!)


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