Rest and Take 5

Surprise rest day!  Today and yesterday because my lower back hurts.

I’m not sure what I did to it, but there are a lot of possibilities–racing on Saturday + running the day after + lifting weights for the first time in a while + running on Tuesday after it already started hurting.  Basically, I shouldn’t be surprised that something hurts.  It’s a dull pain, and only when my left foot hits the ground, but I want it to heal ASAP, so I bought a heat wrap and meds.  Added to my band aids and thermometer, these new purchases just doubled the size of my medicine box!

I took yesterday and today off from running, but fortunately I have loads of school work to keep me busy!  I’ve transferred the morning stretch/run/roll time to school work time that has actually been quite productive.  Crossing things off the to-do list before 9am is maybe just as de-stressing as running is.

I thought about biking later this afternoon/evening, but I already changed from dress pants to pajama pants, so I think I know how that one will turn out..

In the meantime: reading articles with pot of coffee #2 and world’s greatest candy.

Five Layers of Awesome.  I bought a few bags of these on clearance after Halloween.

Glee starts back up tonight after a month-long hiatus.  Me, Bre, and Chunk are pretty excited for our party.  We won’t be making the weekly Walmart snack run, so hopefully Walmart doesn’t have any creepy and weird giveaways without us!  My new paring knife cuts pretty well…

Favorite type of cross-training?


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