We love pizza

Ryan and I had a fancy date tonight night! At Pizza Hut.

Let’s all cheer for Ryan because he is here this weekend!

IMAG0566 IMAG0568
With these pictures side by side, it looks like we were sitting next to each other!  That would have been awkward because we were the only ones at the table.

Pizza Hut was a spontaneous dinner choice because we were on our way to a different restaurant when we decided that pizza sounded good.  I used to think that Pizza Hut had weird gross cheese, but it tasted like normal mozzarella today.  Actually, it tasted like parmesan because I like to cover everything I can with a hearty shake of parmesan cheese. Either way, I was really hungry, and I must have said “Wow, this is really good” twenty times.

Update on my back: it still kind of hurts if I stand a certain way on one foot, and there is sometimes a dull ache when my left foot hits the ground, but I am feeling much better.  After taking 2 full days (Wed & Thurs) off running/working out, I hit the rec center early this morning to bike.

Our rec center has spin bikes mixed in with the other cardio machines, so I directed my own personal spin class, complete with hills, sprints, and a very old playlist.  I’ve never been a spin-lover; I went to quite a few classes in undergrad, but dreaded it every time (I bought a 10-punch card pass–twice, so I had to keep going).  But aside from that and from the fact that I haven’t updated my ipod in five years, it was kind of fun!  More importantly, my back felt totally fine.  Looks like I’ll be spinning for another day or 2 until my back feels 100%.


4 thoughts on “We love pizza

  1. Funny, I had Pizza Hut last night too, the first time in probably 5 years. It was the only restuarant at the Sao Paulo airport. I thought it was really good too.

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