Bike view…since I’ll be biking more

Looks like I spoke too soon on my back feeling better.  I biked again on Saturday morning and thought I was healed enough to try a slow run on Sunday–I made it one mile before walking back.  It was a very sad and very, very cold walk home.

For the rest of Sunday, it hurt to walk or shift weight from one foot to the other, so it looks like I’ll be resting and biking for a few more days!  I’m not happy about it, but at least I can bike, and our rec center has super nice spin bikes with a beautiful view:

It’s almost like biking outside!

The other plus side is that this is about the best time to be injured because I’m not training for anything, it’s getting cold outside, and I have one million projects to do before the semester ends.

Even though running was a bust and I spent the majority of the Saturday (and Sunday…and Friday) working on those one million projects, I still had a great weekend!  Ryan and I had an all-afternoon homework extravaganza, and then we headed to Bre’s for an ice cream + board game double date.  Bre & Ed taught us to a new game called Munchkin, and Ryan and I provided ice cream and a large bag of toppings.  We had a lot of fun!

Favorite board game?


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