Hi winter

We welcomed the first snow of the season this week.  It was pretty, but I was glad that it melted right away.  I’m not ready for winter.

I choose fall leaves over snow

Scraping the ice off my car was the most cardio I’ve had in a few days, and I am not even joking.

After Sunday’s run fail and all-day pain, I made a chiropractor appointment for Friday morning.  It still hurts to walk, but the pain has kind of moved down to my butt instead of my back.  Maybe I should see a PT instead, but I’ll start with what I have.  The entire left side of my butt stabs with pain every time I shift weight to my right foot (like when walking).  Who can diagnose me??

Google can!  And with every medical condition there is, all at the same time!  I should probably stop googling my symptoms before I convince myself that I fractured my pelvis or something.

As a chance to rest my butt/back, recharge the muscles that feel fine, and (start and) finish 2 final papers and 5 final presentations (I feel like I’m forgetting 5 more projects…), I’m taking the entire week off from any sort of exercise.  Bouncing back next week–on the bike–shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Usually I have a difficult time taking rest days, but I’m happy to take these 6 or so days off to do other productive things.  Running and being in shape have temporarily dropped down about 10 notches on the “things that are important to me right now” scale.

Happy Wednesday!

Do you like snow?
Is it easy for you to take rest days?


2 thoughts on “Hi winter

  1. Lol hilarious! I’m the first person to self diagnose myself with butt cancer or something…I wonder if your hamstrings are tight or you pulled them? A lot of the time my back pain is linked to tight hamstrings, which can also affect your butt. But I’m no doctor, so ask a professional 😉

    I LOVE snow (but I also don’t live in an area where I deal with it in the winter)! And it is so freaking hard to take rest days! I feel lazy…

  2. haha! “butt cancer” made me laugh all day; so true on going to the worst possible option. I actually do think it’s linked to my hamstrings–they’re tight AND weak. Hoping for good news on Friday!
    jealous of your warm weather!

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