Kiwi ice cream and a stand up desk

In the wise words of Ryan, “Congratulations on making it through the week!”  Five days of a million looming end-of-the-semester projects without running off some stress was hard.

But that’s why they have ice cream, right?
1. My ice cream is on the right.  I wish I could say it looks giant because it’s closer to the camera, but actually it was just giant.
2. I called Bre weird for getting granola on her ice cream until I decided to get kiwi on mine.

Bre and I got ice cream after our workout date on Friday afternoon.   She swam, I biked, and we met up afterward at the smoothie/ice cream place in the lobby.  It was my first workout in almost a week, and it felt really good to sweat again.

Injury update: I saw a chiropractor on Friday morning, and she thinks it’s my piriformis (a deep butt muscle that can tighten and push against your sciatic nerve) that is causing the problem.  I am supposed to do certain stretches 3x daily and take a few more days off running.  So far, I’ve stretched like 10x yesterday and today and foam rolled my butt, and I can tell that it’s helping.  I can also tell that I should have been foam rolling and stretching my butt muscles all along because they are very, very tight.

Since the appointment, I’ve read everything I can find about the piriformis, and I’ve found that “sitting too much” is one of the culprits.  Pretty sure I’ve been sitting more this semester than any other time in my life, so I made a stand-up desk with a ham box from Costco to help the problem at home.

Costco should really market these ham boxes as table top desks with a built-in drink cubby.

The workout plan for this week is to hit the bike regularly and stretch/roll as much as possible so that I can hopefully run by next weekend.

Do you use a stand up desk?
Waffle cone or cake cone?


4 thoughts on “Kiwi ice cream and a stand up desk

  1. Aww I’m sorry about your piriformis 😦 I’ve heard about it and am fairly certain it is not like a box of puppies licking your face. Bright side- at least you know what it is and can treat it?

    I don’t have a stand up desk but I work in a lab most of the day (standing). We have them at the company I work at and I think they’re cool!

  2. Hi Karen,
    1. No – never used a stand-up desk (but not a bad idea)
    2. Definitely waffle cone!
    Good luck with your injury healing process 🙂 Been there before – pretty frustrating, but gives you a chance to rediscover/appreciate new workouts. If any consolation – this is the best time of the year to have an injury. Hope you’re running soon.

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