storm view

Here is everything I did on Saturday and Sunday: studied (and accomplished a lot!), foam rolled, stretched, talked to Ryan (and complained about studying, foam rolling, and stretching), and went to church.  I also got groceries and biked twice.  Social highlights included seeing church friends and greeting the Walmart greeter.  …

There was this giant storm on Sunday that ripped across the Midwest and caused building damage and power outages.  My neck of the woods was okay, but I know that many people are without power, so hopefully things are fixed up soon.  A bunch of stop lights are down, and I drove through several confusing intersections with way too many lanes to gracefully handle the break down.

You know where I was when the first little bit of the crazy stormage hit?  On the spin bike, facing a giant window wall.  It was before the tornado warnings started, so it was safe.
You can pretend you’re injured and pedaling away on this spin bike too!

I watched this giant puddle grow and grow.  At its largest, you couldn’t see the white lines on the road!

Big cars and sports cars careened through it, normal cars inched through it, and cars with drivers like me U-turned around it.  People ran through it with shoes, people ran through it with no shoes, and people tried to jump over it and missed (with and without shoes).

Workouts this week and injury update: Today was an unplanned rest day and tomorrow is a planned rest day.  Eventually I will find bike motivation in order to stay in reasonable running/cardio shape.
My sore/tight glute is continuing to loosen up and feel better, but it still has a ways to go.  Walking is almost pain-free!

Do you like thunderstorms?


5 thoughts on “storm view

  1. Hi Karen, I’m here in hot/sunny Mogi Guacu, Brazil. Although we went thru a bad storm on our drive from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati Sunday night. Glad your recovery plan seems to be working. As far as thuderstorms….yes, I like them, especially at night.

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