Picture post

Here are a few pictures and not very many words because all of my brain juice is currently used up.

Exciting pictures first!  After quite possibly the most academically stressful and worst two weeks ever (which will continue for the next 2 weeks), I came home to THIS:

DSCN1361 DSCN1365
A package of study snacks from Ryan!  It was very sweet, and the timing was perfect.  He obviously knows my food preferences because he sent two different kinds of pretzels and lots of candy!  Yay!  Bre and I must be sending out stress vibes because Ed just sent her a “You can do it” cookie cake.

Speaking of cake, I tried something new for life group tonight!  It’s like a jello poke cake, but with pudding instead of jello–Here is the original recipe source.  (Hers looks way prettier than mine does.) My cake actually looks a little disgusting, but I think it will taste better than it looks.


Some people like to bake and think it’s relaxing, and sometimes I wish I were one of those people.  I have a pile of old bananas on top of my fridge because I swear I’m going to make banana bread so I don’t waste them.  Can you make banana bread in a crockpot?  I can handle the crockpot.
I will probably forget about these bananas because they’re high up on top of my fridge (and I have a history of forgetting about bananas).

Last picture:
Nooo.  What is worse than being forced to bike from a running injury?  A dead ipod and the bike.

Injury update: Still can’t run, but walking is 100% fine.  I took Monday & Tuesday off and biked on Wednesday & Thursday.  I’ve been rolling and stretching and rolling and stretching.  I had a follow-up appointment today for massage and KT taping.

Banana bread or pudding cake?
Favorite form of cross training?


2 thoughts on “Picture post

  1. Awww love the care package! I love sending my sister stuff at school. Her birthday is tomorrow so my mom and I sent her “birthday in a box” earlier this week. It basically has cake mix, frosting, decorations, etc.

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