Eventually this running blog will be about running again.  Until then, I’ll stick to talking about the biking I’m hardly doing and the nice things that Ryan does for me.

  • Starting with this pizza.  After receiving the exciting box of snacks in the mail on Thursday, Ryan ordered me a surprise pizza on Friday!  I was instructed to be at my apartment on Friday at 7pm and hold off on dinner.
    SURPRISE!  I told the pizza delivery guy that I did not know what or who was coming to feed me at 7pm, and he thought it was a hilarious idea.  Ryan was also eating pizza, so we skyped and had a pizza dinner date!  He knows that these past few weeks have been stressful and difficult for me, so this was the coolest and most creative idea ever.
  • And that pizza is like the gift that keeps on giving…for 3 more meals!
  • My injury is slowwly continuing to get better, I think.  I’ve been biking an average of 3 times per week…and resting the other 4.  Pretty sure that November 2013 is the most physically restful month I’ve had since I started running back in high school.  It’s hard to be motivated to bike when you don’t really like biking and are being eaten alive by school work.  So the transition back to running might be rough, but I’ll think about that when I can run again (easier said than done).
  • I biked Wed-Saturday and took Sunday off.  If off means all day studying.

Which is funnier: How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family?


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