lacrosse ball rolling and almost Thanksgiving

I am super pumped for the holiday season!  Thanksgiving break started today, and I’m heading to Ryan’s house later this afternoon to spend the break with him and his family!

I haven’t started packing quite yet, but I have piles.  I’ll be bringing this crew:

Foam roller and lacrosse ball.

I had another chiro appointment this morning–We’re actually thinking that it’s not my piriformis, but a different deep glute muscle.  (It’s hard to pin point because all of the surrounding muscles are tight.  Apparently 23 years of not stretching has caught up with me).  He stretched me out, and I got electroacupuncture– I learned that electroacupuncture is a form of acupuncture that delivers an electric current to your muscles to tire them out so that they’ll become looser and uncontracted.  It does not feel very pleasant.

I’ve been rolling on the foam roller for three weeks, but I added the lacrosse ball on Monday and I’ve already noticed a big change, which is encouraging.  It’s good for digging into deeper muscles, so try it if you’re tight and have a decently high pain tolerance.

I never thought I would be excited to use this machine, but I was today!
Also known as the “good AMT with the blue not yellow pedals.”  I tried it last week (it hurt and I quit), but was painfree today!  Since I can’t get myself to bike, maybe this machine will help. 

Lastly, remember those nasty bananas on my fridge that I couldn’t part with?  I finally gave in and made banana bread last night.  I was inspired by Andrea because she made banana bread for class on Monday even brought in Nutella (her taste buds clearly know what’s up).  My banana bread does not taste nearly as good as hers did..  Good thing extra Nutella makes everything taste better!

On to packing and Thanksgiving celebrations.  Have a good one!

Best Thanksgiving side dish? (mine is stuffing)
Have you ever tried acupuncture?


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