Quick recap and 7 more days

So this one time I started a blog…

There are SEVEN days of the semester left, so pretty much everything else is on the back-burner until exams, projects, and papers are all completed, presented, or turned in.  After a long (but short) Thanksgiving break, I’m ready to power through the last little bit.

I spent most of the break and the holiday with Ryan’s family–I appreciated being a Thanksgiving guest!  It was a wonderful time with great company and lots of delicious food.

Thanksgiving pic with the wheat

Instead of a turkey trot race, Ryan and I went for a chilly (turkey) walk around the park with Ryan’s dog Tucker.  Tucker and I are BFFs because we Skype often.


I thought about school once.  But only because “cochlea” was in the crossword puzzle that I started in the car.  To my AuD friends: the clue was “inner ear.”

And lastly, a short but kind of promising update on my injury: I ran three times this week!  All short and all slow (with lots of walk breaks), but it was still running!  Some glute soreness and hip flexor tightness each time, but I think it’s okay to run with that as long as I keep rolling and stretching.  I have another appointment tomorrow, so I’ll ask about that.

Are you listening to Christmas music yet?


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