Festive Fun

Every year at Christmas, Purdue puts up a GIANT Christmas tree (30 feet tall–I just googled) inside the student union building.  It is SO TALL  and decked out in tinsel, lights, and ornaments.  It means Christmas is coming!

Bre and I like to pass the tree on our way to the parking garage after class.  If we’re lucky, there is a super cute group of children singing carols nearby.  We lucked out with a Brownie troop struggling through “Winter Wonderland” last week!  They fell apart a little with the “In the meadow, we can build a snowman” stanzas but pulled through, and it was adorable.  Almost as cute as the teeny baby in his baby jeans that Bre and I “d’awww”ed at during the performance.

We also checked out the gingerbread house competition.
Two of the contenders:
Purdue Stadium

House with lots of jelly beans and the creative candy corn fireplace.

Continuing with this holiday theme, I got together with the girls from my life group yesterday afternoon for some cookie-baking, hot-chocolate-drinking, Hallmark-movie-watching fun.

The cookies were awesome, but the chocolate covered pretzels were a semi-failed experiment.  We found out that Hershey kisses aren’t the best melting choice–or maybe I am just not a good melter because I happened to burn them. Twice. The chocolate didn’t spread, so we kind of had to squash chunks of chocolate on the pretzels, but I thought they tasted just fine.  I am positive that I ate at least 6 (7?) of the 8 pretzels on the plate. …IMAG0605

We made hot chocolate with 50% hot chocolate powder, 30% marshmallows, and 20% hot water.  The perfect combination.


We enjoyed the sugar while we watched The Christmas Card.  Like all Hallmark movies, it was funny in a slightly awkward way but still touching.  All four of us were totally #TeamCody and not #TeamCreepyBoyfriendPaulWithTheFuzzHead, so we were glad when Faith made the right choice at the last second.

My tight butt muscle injury is continuing to heal.  Lots of stretching and rolling, and I think I hit a stretching breakthrough–If I lean a certain way in pigeon pose, I can finally stretch the problem muscle (I think).  I went for a promising painless(!) 4 miles on Friday, though I walked between each mile.

Do you like Marshmallows in your hot chocolate?
Have you seen The Christmas Card?


7 thoughts on “Festive Fun

  1. Hi Karen,
    Glad your butt muscle continues to make progress…..looking forward to some easy running with you over the holidays. Remember our run last Christmas Day?
    As for marshmallows & hot chocolate…….YES!
    As for The Christmas Card……….No (never even heard of it).

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