Orange Juice

On the left is the ball that I have been rolling my tight butt muscles out on for 5 weeks.
On the right is the clementine that I almost rolled my tight butt muscles out on this morning.
I typically don’t store clementines on my living room floor, but this one rolled out of my book bag and almost became orange juice.  It was a last-minute save.

I bought a crate of clementines a week ago and have only eaten one of them–clementines are delicious, but they never sound good to me, kind of the same deal as soup.  I am not sure if anyone else can relate to those sentiments..
But back the clementines.  Usually when Ryan visits, I only offer him oatmeal and peanut butter sandwiches.  But when he visits this Thursday(!), it will be oatmeal, peanut butter, and CLEMENTINES!  Or maybe I will make real food because this semester is almost over!

There are a few more meetings and some easy work this week, but 99% of my classwork is finished/turned in/presented/taken, and it feels awesome!  (Almost as awesome as this day felt to my classmates and me.)

I celebrated by going to the rec center after finishing today.  Just kidding, my classmates and I will celebrate later.  But I did go to the rec center for an hour on the AMT and a 15 minute arm workout that reminded me that I hadn’t lifted a weight in a very long time.  Here’s to sore arms.

Last exam you took?


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