2013 running

DONE!  I turned in the very last paper of the supposed “hardest semester of grad school” yesterday and am pumped to recover with family time, friend time, fun reading, and lots of miles over the next month.

But no miles today.  Welcome to our winter wonderland:

And the 2-month old pumpkin (doing surprisingly well).

It started snowing last night while Ryan and I were at Pizza Hut–we discovered the beauty of Pizza Hut last time he visited, and our ham+chicken+green pepper+red onion+pineapple pizza last night was a winner.  The snow has been coming down steadily for the past 15+ hours, and we must have 6-8 inches and counting.  It’s so pretty!  I told Ryan that if snow was warm, I would love it.

I had plans to run with a group at 9am, and I normally would have considered braving the elements, but I skipped because the slippery ground would have been terrible for my recovering butt muscle.  This running injury has helped me embrace rest days.

So instead, let’s join in with Miss Zippy’s 2013 year of running review!

What are your answers?


7 thoughts on “2013 running

  1. LOVE that your dad is your choice for inspirational runner! That’s the best. And yes, strength training is a must, especially the older we get (not that this applies looking at you!). Thanks for linking up.

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