Home for the Holidays

Congratulations to Master Ryan.  Er, Ryan with the masters!

The ceremony was on Saturday morning, and Ryan’s parents and I watched 2800 students graduate from the economics, engineering, education, and liberal arts programs. We used our eagle eyes to pick out 3 false alarm Ryans from the crowd, but fortunately we found the real one too because we posed with him for pictures.  It was a very nice ceremony.  Congrats, Ryan!

The weather was barely double digits with flurries and wind, so I spent the rest of the day trying to warm up and doing things that didn’t involve brain power.  Recovery mode from the semester is like reverse tapering from a race, so I feel good about spending my time napping and packing to the tunes of Christmas.

I listened to even more Christmas jams on my way HOME to Ohio today.  Ryan followed me back and will be staying for a week, so we have an entirely free week to do fun holiday things.  We started off by eating lots of Christmas cookies.

Zero runs or workouts over the weekend, mostly due to the slippery winter weather, but I spent an hour on the AMT this morning.  My butt muscle is (dare I say) healed, so I’ll be getting back into a regular workout routine in order to build enough of a mileage base to train for a spring marathon.

What’s your run plan for the holiday season?


3 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. YAYYY! HUGE congrats to Ryan! What an accomplishment! I scheduled my runs out for the holidays on paper. I figured I’m more likely to stick to it that way…PLUS my little sister is home for the holidays and she said she wants to start running 🙂

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