waffle fail

Ryan and I started this morning with a chilly run.  The roads were clear, so I led him on one of my classic home routes: a hilly path through three big subdivisions.  It’s really not that exciting unless you like to look at houses, but the woodsy trails were too icy.  We covered a little over 4 miles and then did  a few sets of lunges/squats/push ups/tri dips/abs in the basement.

We had a random smorgasbord lunch with my brother Greg that included everything in the refrigerator.  I tried to be a nice big sister by offering to make Greg waffles on our ancient waffle iron that makes an appearance every few years, and it was a great idea until I forgot to spray the iron with Pam.  We spent the rest of the day with no waffles and a very resilient soggy Bisquick mess.  Sorry ’bout those waffles, Greg.


Good thing waffles and pancakes are made out of the same thing because we were able to salvage the other 8 servings of batter for pancakes.

Ryan and I offered to be on dinner duty all week, so we prepped a meal plan and went shopping for food later that afternoon.  VeggieSummer2013 is making a comeback!  We planned mostly healthy things and bought so many vegetables that the woman at the register commented on it.

From this angle, it looks like we just bought bread and cookies, but I chose this picture because you can see Ryan still scraping the waffle iron in the background…


Continuing on the theme of food, we made two kinds of Christmas cookies with my mom (bark and fudge nut bars) later that night and had a second sugar overload in 2 days.  I may need to pace myself if I want to still like cookies by Christmas.

Top 2 christmas cookies?


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